BDS (Bom) 1996, IQE (London)
GDC No. 84477

Natasha is a highly experienced General Dentist who qualified as Bachelor of Dentistry in 1996.

To master her skills in General and Aesthetic dentistry, she trained at the Eastman Dental Centre in Rochester, USA. There she pursued a full time postgraduate programme in Advanced Education in General Dentistry in 2001. This is where she discovered her love for cosmetic dentistry and met the love of her life and subsequently moved to London.

She completed the IQE in 2004 and worked at The Royal London Hospital before joining Woodside Dental Practice in 2005.

Natasha has a holistic approach with a focus on long-term oral health and enjoys being an all-round family dentist. She provides a wide range of services including Restoration of teeth, Root Canal Treatment, Crowns, Bridges, minor Oral Surgery, Cosmetic and Orthodontic treatments. She has a special interest in adult Orthodontics and is trained in leading Orthodontic systems.

She enjoys working within a multidisciplinary team at Woodside and can guide her patients to achieve optimal oral health. She is a keen believer in up-to-date knowledge and keeps her skills honed with advanced dental courses.

Providing high quality patient centred care, Natasha brings a relaxed and friendly approach, helping put nervous patients at ease.

Her main interests outside of work are her young family, reading, cooking and the theatre.

Tired of being tired?

Is snoring affecting your or your bed partner’s sleep?

Snoring and sleep apnoea are commonly dismissed problems. In fact, it leads to poor sleep and may leave you at risk of developing serious health conditions like heart problems. Unfortunately, the snoring also affects your loved one.

Some of the causes for snoring are smoking, alcohol, being overweight, some medications and also menopause.

Snoring occurs when your throat muscles relax and your tongue falls backwards, causing the walls of the throat to vibrate. There are many causes for this.

If snoring has become a problem for you or your loved one, Dr. Natasha Wariavwalla, at Woodside Dental Practice can help develop a non- invasive oral appliance tailored to your needs so that both, you and your partner can get the uninterrupted, restful sleep that you need.

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