Fee Guide

Fees correct as of

NHS - Fee Per Band

Band 1: £23.80
Examination, diagnosis, x-rays and a scale and polish if required

Band 2: £65.20
Band 1 plus fillings, root fillings, extractions and extensive periodontal treatment

Band 3: £282.80
Band 1 and 2 plus crowns, bridges and dentures

Urgent Treatment: £23.80
This information is subject to change without notice, please confirm with the clinic.

Practice Fees Guide 2022
The following guide is an indication of the typical charges that apply to the treatments available at our practice. All treatments & charges are discussed & agreed with patients before any treatment is provided.
Where the charges vary from those given below we will explain fully the reason for the fees & provide you with a treatment plan with costs & only commence treatment upon receiving your written consent to do so.

Private examination and assessment of oral health needs* All fees from minimum charge
New Patient Exam Includes 2 small x-rays £65.00
Routine Exam   £47.00
Emergency Exam   £75.00
Child Patient (less than 12 years) £32.00
Full case assessment from £120.00
Digital x-rays (small) £10.00 each
CBCT Scans
OPG   £75.00
CT Scan Single Arch   £100.00
Top & Bottom Arch   £150.00
Quadrant Scan   £100.00
Preventative Treatments
Hygienist Appointments Routine Clean for 30 minutes £69.00
Hygiene Visit With Air Polish £95.00
Child Hygienist Appointments for 20 minutes (less than 14 years) £45.00
Periodontal Cleaning every 30 minutes £74.00
Fissure Sealing per tooth £40.00
Gum Shield   £126.00
Night Guard   £170.00
Restorations* from
Amalgam Filling
Small from £75.00
Medium from £95.00
Large from £120.00
White Fillings
Small from £95.00
Medium from £135.00
Large from £170.00
Gold Inlay from £699.00
Veneers from £750.00
Crowns from £695.00
Premium Crowns from £840.00
Bridge GDP quotes for individual needs from £800.00
Root Fillings*
Anterior Tooth from £300.00

Pre-molar Tooth

from £400.00
Molar from £500.00
Endodontics Specialists Treatment (The use of microscope)
Consultation   £75.00
RCT Molar   £850 - £950
RCT Pre-Molar   £750 - £850
RCT Anterior   £650 - £750
Re-RCT Treatment   £100.00 extra charge
RCT Post & Core   £150 extra charge
Dental Implants (including Crown) £2,250.00
Consultation   Free
Acrylic Dentures Single tooth from £450.00
Flexible Dentures from £695.00
Inman Aligner (clear braces) from £1,500.00
Inman consultation   Free
Invisalign consultation   Free
Train Track Braces:
Free 30 mins Consultation    
Simple from £120.00
Complex from £250.00
30 minutes Consultation   £75.00
Treatment from £300.00 per session
Tooth Whitening
Take Home kit from £399.00
Combined home/clinic session   £650.00
In Surgery 1.5 hours   £499.00
Out of Hours Call Out Fee £250.00
*Note: radiographs, where needed, are included

Facial Aesthetic Fees
We offer a free cosmetic consultation in our dental suite with our fully qualified facial aesthetic practitioners.
Prior to agreed treatment being performed, please note that written consent is mandatory & we cannot perform any treatment without this signed & dated document.
Anti-wrinkle treatments
Area 1 from £199.00
Area 2 from £242.00
Area 3 from £294.00
Fillers 0.5ml from £210.00
Fillers 1ml from £315.00
Filler lip 1.0ml from £368.00
Fillers 1.0ml from £368.00

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