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Dr Majid Khokhar

BDS (London)
GDC No. 79863


Majid qualified from the Royal London Dental Hospital in 2003. He merges a strong commitment to gentle care with an extraordinary eye for aesthetic perfection. His knowledge and attention to detail result in the finest possible treatment for a wide array of dental concerns.

His passion is for Cosmetic dentistry and is a member both the British and American Academies of Cosmetic Dentistry. He has attended numerous world renowned courses including the Rosenthal Institute.

Majid ensures that he keeps up to date with the latest technologies and procedures thus offering his patients the best all round care. He attended an intensive study group program in America which examined the behavior of dental materials. In particular, their properties and individual characteristics with an in depth look at colour and aesthetics. This has helped him gain a fuller understanding of how to simulate a more natural looking smile for all of our patients.